Welcome to Kolaniz,

a debaucherous pit filled with lechery, violence, song, drink, and, of course, thieves along the north shore of Zakhara. This piracy-filled port harbors a safe wharf for anyone as can pay to keep their crew and cargo safe, and is one of the quickest ways into the interior of Zakhara. Many would pay the thieves guild fees for the easy transport to the Sea of Caravans and onward to Hiyal without disturbing the treacherous genies or ghosts.

The crews of the city accompany fearful parties inwards, whereas others keep watch along the Great Sea for signs of threats to Kolaniz, whether humanoid or the more malignant of the sea critters. Some rogues choose to venture out onto the seas for brief ventures. Others would rather move through the small, misty woods around the city. Most are forced, at some point or other in the workings of their guild, to tramp the seeming endless deserts of Zakhara as protection, to seek riches, or discover new secrets about the surrounding lands.

The city itself is run by a series of Thieves’ Guilds, each at a careful truce with the other who divvy up the city based on district and occupation. Along with a whole flock of fledgling guilds, there are three main guilds in the city: Cadence, Mirsat, and Yalan.

No matter your reason for coming or what position you’ve taken up, just hope you can survive this ‘take what you can, give nothing back’ home of rogues and the damned.

Kolaniz: City of Thieves

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