Rolen Galanodel

Wood Elf Cleric, Entertainer


A smiling wood elf, akin to an uprooted young willow tree, clearly enjoying himself in the streets of Kolaniz among the bustle of the day. A ten string kantele slung over his shoulder, or a set of fire batons in the air, his performing costumes flow in a bright swirl of color, either blues and greens or reds and oranges, concealing a light set of oiled leather armor underneath. The young elf strides through the streets with a particular, eye catching swagger, rapier at his side, and a round shield on his back, curved enough to cook in over a fire and blackened, presumably with such a practice. While not decorated overtly with jewelry, a small torc adorns his neck, a cunning complement to his mantle of jovial allure.


Rolen Galanodel

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